A Lack of Appreciation

Ever felt frustrated because you don’t get enough appreciation at work for what you do? You are not alone. 

Did it ever happen to you that you invest all your energy into your work, create something beautiful, something you are proud of and then receive no or only negative feedback? It seems to be a common illness of this world, especially the corporate world.

As kids we doodle something and our parents say: “Wonderful, nice colors, incredible, you will be an artist one day.”

Then we get older.  If we are lucky we will have teachers which will help us grow. Tapping our backs when we are able to solve  difficult problems, explaining where we can and should improve. After every term our parents will look at our grades and say: “Well done!”

One day we start work. What a surprise! In many cases the only appreciation we will get is our salary. We are expected to perform.  That’s why we get the money. Only on rare occasions a superior will walk by our desk and say: “Thank you so much for all your effort. You are amazing!”

We are human. We need the feedback from our peers, our superiors, our friends, parents, wife.

I asked a professional musician: “Where do you get your appreciation from? It is the clapping of the audience?”. And he answered: “The clapping of the audience is nice. But I usually know every mistake I make during the concert the moment it happens. The audience doesn’t notice. If I happen to play perfectly the audience doesn’t notice either. I get the appreciation I need from my colleagues or  from myself.”

Here a simple Yoga pose, which will help you to you give yourself all the appreciation you need.


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