Sketchnote: Richard Feynman on Rubber Bands

I had a lot of fun watching famous physicist Richard Feynman explain how rubber bands work.

Isn’t it amazing that even after winning the Nobel Prize, something as simple as a rubber band can put a big grin on Richard’s face? I drew this simple sketchnote to remind us how incredible complex, beautiful and a little crazy the physical world is.

Rubber Bands 1

Rubber Bands 2

I hope that the next rubber band you encounter will put a big smile on your face. Making us remember how little we know about the Universe and how much fun it is to find things out.

Go ahead, keep being amazed.

Never let go of your childlike curiosity.

Smile at those jiggling atoms.



    • Thank you Alex. I am fascinated with the idea that everything is a jiggling, dancing collection of atoms. And that the same atoms can be found across the whole Universe.

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