Sketch: The inner and the outer life

inner and outer life

More sketching, less writing

It’s been almost 6 months since the last post. I was struggling to finish what I have been working on, probably because what I wanted to say was not clear in my head. It felt as if every time I sat down to write a couple of sentences, I would miss the point and get lost. Somehow I was trying to say too much, without knowing what I really wanted to communicate.

So instead of writing longer posts, I decided to share some of the drawings out of my notebook. The plan is to share one drawing a week.

The inner and the outer life

In this first sketch I tried to show how we lead two lives at the same time. An outer life, where our physical body interacts with the environment, where we do our work, build our home and connect with people. And an inner life, where over the years we create our own, personal universe. The bridge between these two lives are our senses.

The magic of our existence is, that we can direct our conscious energy to either travel through our mind, playfully follow our thoughts, trying to understand what life is all about. Or we can choose to put our conscious energy in our senses, connecting fully to the here and now, to what is right in front of us, so we can be present and fully experience what life has to offer.

It is my true belief that we experience harmony, when our inner life and our outer life are in balance. When we can either act in the outer life in a way that allows us to live our dreams, or when we can change our inner life, by letting go of old beliefs that no longer hold true.

May this drawing help you on your inner and outer journey. Where are you struggling more? I look forward to discussing this with you.



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