Sketch: The immune system rocks

Layers of existence II
These last couple of days I have been at home, drinking a lot of tea, sleeping long hours and slowly getting better from a bad cold. Browsing through my notebook I decided to post the following sketch, showing the deeper layers of our body. Thank you immune system, for helping me and kindly telling that virus to find shelter somewhere else. In the meantime, let’s discuss similarities between the inner and the outer world to continue the series I started two weeks ago.

Looking under the skin
We usually don’t think a lot about how our body looks under our skin. No need to, as long as our body is strong and healthy. I think that by better understanding our body we can learn to listen to it, work with it, so that we can be there when it needs our help or our patience and the other way around.

Our bodies are very complex and beautiful. The lungs filter oxygen out of air, the digestion system breaks down food and the heart pumps the nourishing blood to each cell of our body. At a deeper layer the nervous system, our electric body, our brain, gives us the ability to sense, feel and think. And it all started with a divine spark, the love between two human beings, that moment we came into being.

The inside and the outside
Looking at the sketch and having had troubles with my cough, made me realize how everything is woven together. How the lungs have a similar shape as the trees, how both filter nourishment out of air. Maybe the inside and the outside are not so different after all, if we can see them as part of one, big experience. Our life.


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