Sketch: The fear of letting go

let go
A recurring theme in my sketches is the way our mind works. In this sketch I tried to show how we often struggle, because we hold on to ideas what our life should be like, instead of enjoying what is.

Holding on
Life can feel like a struggle, if we hang on to fixed ideas that will make us happy. A bigger appartment, a new job title, a published book, a loving hug, a healthy body.

It’s not that these ideas are wrong, it’s how we hold on to them. The gripping, forcing, pulling will lift us off our feet. We won’t be able to feel what is good for us, because we loose contact to the solid ground under our feet, to the here and now.

Letting go

It’s almost impossible to let go of an idea. Maybe the first step is to release one hand, enjoying the feeling of not having to swing over to the next idea. Letting go completely will feel like falling into empty space. But soon we realize that the ground below our feet will hold us. We will be able to feel the soft grass under our feet and the air filling our lungs.

Ideas are a good thing. With our feet on the ground we can look up at them, grateful for giving us direction. Then we can let them fade into the background, helping us to enjoy a day of complete freedom.


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