How about taking the day off?

Here an imaginary conversation between two characters you know very well: Your body and your consciousness. A gentle reminder to slow down, so we can fully enjoy what we have.

Steering through life

Some months ago, I gave a talk on leadership at one of the local universities. My intention was to motivate the students to live their life to the fullest. We discussed that knowing what we don’t like is not enough. That to go somewhere, to become a leader for yourself, you need the courage to stand up for the things you believe in.

That day I defined leadership as their ability to paddle through life in a way that helps them become better versions of themselves. Later, I started these sketches, which show how the mind steers our actions, because it wants to help us to reach our goals.

Thinking back to my talk on leadership I realized that probably the best way to end the talk would have been, to invite everyone over to the little bar across the street. We could have sat down in the evening sun to enjoy a cold beer. We could have exchanged stories and experienced in practice, what it had been trying to teach them in theory.


A conversation between body and consciousness

Where are you going2Where are you going3Where are you going4Where are you going5Where are you going6Where are you going7Where are you going8Where are you going9Where are you going10Where are you going11Where are you going12Where are you going13Where are you going14Where are you going15

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