Yoga Sketchnotes

I recently started to create sketchnotes when attending Yoga workshops or trainings. Using words and pictures I can better capture and remember what I learn. Some friends and fellow yogis asked me if I could share my notes, so here they are.

Yoga Teacher Training with Chris Chavez
Chris Chavez is an amazing teacher. His trainings are full of passion, wisdom and anecdotes from decades of teaching. I hope my notes manage to capture and convey some of his spirit and energy. Visit one of his classes if you ever have the possibility! I would also like to thank Stefanie Zimmermann for creating an unforgettable learning experience in my hometown of Zürich.

01 Chris Chavez TT1

02 Chris Chavez TT2

03 Chris Chavez TT3

Pranayama Workshop with Stephan Thomas
I still remember how strange the first Pranayama exercises felt to me. The first Kapalabhati, pumping away like a happy, little steam engine, or my complete puzzlement at hearing the clicking sound of Jivan Bandha all around me. I’m grateful to all the teachers who introduced me to the magic of Pranayama. If you are interested in learning Pranayama I recommend the four-day workshop Stephan Thomas is offering. With him I understood and felt how the control of the breath can calm the mind and completely change your practice. Thank you so much Stephan and Manuela for sharing your knowledge and humor.

Essentials of Pranayama, Pranayama with Stephan Thomas


  1. Jasmine Stringer

    Excellent way to remember all the principles and cues and funny things Chris say’s. Priceless. Your a good sketcher. I didn’t realize you were doing teacher training. You will be an amazing teacher : )

  2. Found your blog via the WordPress discover and you have a really good one here. Namaste from India 🙂
    I am also a Yoga enthusiast and a couple of minutes back, I got back from an Asana-Pranayama-Meditation class. Keep sketching and writing. Your stories are wonderful and I will keep coming back.

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