Sketchnote: Nigel Marsh on how to make work-life balance work

I just finished “The Sketchnote Handbook” by Mike Rohde and decided to practice my listening and sketching skills watching “Hot to make work-life balance work” by Nigel Marsh. Sketchnoting is like Yoga for people who like to draw: You are fully emerged in the experience, because mind and body are closely working together to create a personal, artistic expression. It’s a lot of fun and trains your mind and hand.

Niegel Marsh 1
Niegel Marsh 2

Watch Nigel’s talk! My sketchnote might make more sense to you afterwards. I saw it a year ago and still think it’s a brilliant take on work-life balance.

Using Nigel’s words:

  • Take control of your life, no commercial company will do that for you
  • Don’t expect every day to be perfect, but aim at a decent overall work-life balance
  • Learn to appreciate the small things that matter
  • Find the middle way



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