Sketchnote: Amy Cuddy on how your body shapes who you are

We all experience moments of insecurity: A job interview, standing in front of a large group of strangers, teaching our first Yoga class. Often this insecurity shows in our body language, our state of mind affecting our posture. What if we could affect the way we feel by acting out a power pose for a couple of minutes, helping us preparing for a stressful, social showdown?

In her TED talk “Your body language shapes who you are” Amy Cuddy explains how our body can shape who we are.

Amy Cuddy1
Amy Cuddy2

So next time you feel anxious about an upcoming meeting, are afraid about all those gorillas looking down at you, remember how to use power poses: Press your chest out, lift your chin, stretch out, feel like a rock star.

Be yourself, show everything you have.

Fake it, till you become it.



    • Thanks Alex :-). I am having a lot of fun doing these sketchnotes. And because I’m using paper and pen again (the older sketches where all done on an iPad) I feel more in control and don’t correct as much as before.

  1. Bianca

    Hi Philip, the graphic is brilliant. Could I use them and give you credits for my article I am going to post on LinkedIn and on my company’s website?

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