Sketchnote: Coaching Essentials

I had the opportunity to attend a coaching seminar a couple of weeks ago. People from different companies and backgrounds attended, all interested in learning how to use coaching to create a more empowering working environment.

It was interesting to feel how a well-meaning coach can act as a guide through our mind, each question triggering thoughts and emotions that could prove helpful to better understand, probably resolve a tricky situation.

My hope is that the following sketchnote motivates you to try coaching wherever you work. An open ear, a compassionate conversation, questions aimed at helping instead of manipulating, can make a huge difference to find balance in work and life.


Coaching essentials for leadership  people.


  1. Philippe – as usual, you are so creative! You are able to convey the thought journey of a coach and on the other side the many layers of complexity in a person wanting to be coached.. Start small, practice listening well – and that can be very valuable! I always think that people think best when they think aloud and someone is listening.

    • Hi Andrea, it is so true what you say: “People think best when they think aloud and someone is listening.” It seems to me that in many organizations the value of listening is underrated. Everyone is so busy following their path, that there is no time to sit down to have a honest conversation. I wish you all the best and many opportunities to listen and get listened to.

  2. Philippe, wondrful as always. – I particularly like the inclusion of the word “your” in as a coach I will “to explore your mind.” That’s the key. I don’t know if you are familiar with the work of appreciative inquiry, but I’m sure you would find it valuable.


    • Hi Louise, I looked up appreciative inquiry and thought: “This is exactly what I have been looking for!” Thank you so much for pointing it out to me. I’m new to coaching and still have a lot to learn. I find coaching very helpful, but felt as if something essential was missing. The life affirming, positive outlook appreciative inquire is offering seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

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