Pig vs Carrot

How to correctly cut a carrot.

This week I went to play cards with a couple of friends to a tipical Swiss restaurant in Zürich. They were advertising a “metzgete”:

Metzgete Bederhof

Back in the old days a “metzgete” was a necessity to survive the long winter. Because there was not enough food to feed both the family and the livestock, some of the animals were slaugthered in autumn. With only basic means to conserve the meat, most parts would go bad quickly. A big feast was organized. Everything from ears to tail was eaten.

When I looked at the card I realized how long it had been, since I had gone to a traditional “metzgete”. My lifestyle has changed a lot over the years. Seeing this classic card made me realize how we all are rooted in different traditions.

So I decided to re-interpret this card in a way that reflects my love for vegtables and hopefully makes you smile.




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