Be the leader you want to follow

I believe that to become better leaders we should look back at the people who inspired us, at the people who helped us to be where we are today. If we can learn from them, we might inspire others to follow us

As Simon Sinek explained in his famous TED talk: We follow those who lead not for them, but for ourselves.

Choosing a career
I think I would never have entered the world of software engineering, if it hadn’t been for Dr. Helmut Zwittlinger. I met him at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil, when I was studying electrical engineering.

He was a great teacher and much more. The way he thought, the way he enjoyed what he was doing, his crazy, fun, hand drawn comic style script fascinated me. Here was a person I wanted to follow, a leader, I hoped could teach me how to turn hard work into play.

Here a short comic drawn using Helmut’s unique style.

Without Helmut I would not have a job I love, a job that makes me feel alive. I hope I can be a good leader for my team, in the same way he was a great leader for me. May you become the leader you would like to follow.



    • Yes that makes a lot of sense. But where does inspiration come from. I feel that inspiration comes from a playful, open, mindfull, humorous approach to lead our lives. To try new things that probably will not work, but resonate with our whole being.

  1. I think it becomes hard for many teachers to keep up that enthusiasm for many reasons… teaching can be a very routine job and there are loads of students who don’t appreciate the hard work you put into doing a lesson… so many teachers get jaded

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