Sketchnote: Simon Sinek on how great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek

The best way to invite others to follow you is to share your beliefs

The last couple of weeks at work we spent trying to persuade our superiors to let us start an initiative to transform our business and enrich our jobs. “So what exactly are you trying to do?” they kept asking again and again. “How is this going to work?”

Unable to come up with a convincing answer they could all equally accept, we were feeling stuck.

On the train ride home I remembered Simon Sinek’s great TED talk and realized, that we had been telling the wrong story. It was more important to talk about WHY we were pushing in this direction, instead of focusing on WHAT we were trying to achieve.

By sharing our beliefs everything important would be said. If we could agree on the WHY, the HOW and WHAT would unfold over time.

This Monday I’m going to find out if starting with the WHY will help us convince the board. Wish me luck!




  1. Philipp,

    Thank you for using your gifts to inspire, educate and support others. Your sketchnote really summed up his TED talk wonderfully. From time to time, I get stuck in moving my businesses forward. For me, it’s mainly due to living outside my ‘why zone’. Both Simon’s talk and your sketchnote will be referenced regularly.

    To your success,


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